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Colorado Dispensary / Grow Operation - Employment Law Advisors

Criminal Law , DUI, Employment Law, Civil Rights and Discrimination, Denver Colorado

MJ dispensary employee law attorney Denver

Since its inception, The Law Office of Joseph W. Galera has dedicated itself to righteous issues affecting citizens and businesses in Colorado.  As such, the firm has been an ardent and zealous supporter of ballot measures 20 and 64 to amend Colorado’s Constitution.  Since the passage of those Amendments, the marijuana industry has expanded at an unprecedented rate.  Associated with that historic growth are the employment issues now facing dispensary and grow operation employers as you seek to expand your business. 

The Law Office of Joseph W. Galera is here to provide legal services to Colorado dispensaries and grow operations to assist in areas of federal and state employment law and human resources.  We strive to be proactive in order to limit costly exposure to employment claims and to help assist with a positive workplace environment so that your business can do what it does best.  To that end, the firm provides a multitude of compliance services to our marijuana business clients including: 



Our goal is to assist you in achieving your goals.  CALL US TODAY 720-897-5733 with any questions about your legal issues.  It would be our privilege to discuss those issues with you and help you with your legal needs.